Our Practice

At Bronx Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we specialize in many unique, cutting-edge manual and neurological approaches. We feel that establishing proper functional and structural diagnosis is a priority. This is because proper diagnosis dictates the choice of technique or method that should be used in each particular case. However, we also believe that no single technique is either preferable or superbly efficient in itself.

Over years of practice, we have learned to integrate various methods into optimally successful treatment protocols. Most importantly, our goal is to put you on the road to recovery and to pain-free living.

Come and see the difference in our Physical Therapy clinic with seasoned therapists who are veterans in the field working closely with our in house Physiatrist combines to a more pleasant experience for a complete, effective and personal treatment with no wait lines. Our cordial staff and cozy environment makes it unique compared to most run-of-the-mill physical therapy clinics.

We believe we have the formula for combining volume and quality of care that most clinics would find challenging to accomplish. The level of experience of our therapist and efficiency of our system combines to effective time management. We assist patients if not manage their care with full advocacy to our patient’s needs through your insurance coverage process, workers compensation cases and expedite no fault claims networking with specialty law offices.

Our facility is owned and managed by physical therapist in coordination with a Physiatrist and acupuncturist who are operating in the same office location to offer a more comprehensive approach to patient care. Pain management will be integrated into our facility in the near future pending accreditation but consultation service is currently available.

We thrive mainly on “word of mouth” marketing that reflects our growing numbers of satisfied patients as main determinant of our success.