Outstanding results with a unique
hands-on approach

At Bronx Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we specialize in many unique, cutting-edge manual and neurological approaches. We feel that establishing proper functionaland structural diagnosis is a priority. This is because proper diagnosisdictates the choice of technique or method that should be used in eachparticular case. However, we also believe that no single technique is either preferable or superbly efficient in itself.

Overyears of practice, we have learned to integrate various methods into optimallysuccessful treatment protocols. Most importantly, our goal is to put you on the road to recovery and to pain-free living.

Our Services

Our facility

Our facility is well equipped for all the services that we offer.

What patients say

  • One thing that really sets this place apart from other clinics I have been to is the cleanliness and plenty of open space to move around in the treatment area even when busy.

    Naomi Canales
  • Very presentable and courteous front desk staff and highly professional therapist who are veterans in their field and it show.

    Richard Flores
  • It sometimes feels like home away from home where you can be yourself and socialize with friendly staff. There is the fun factor in your therapy.

    Joe Villafane
  • I don’t mind traveling far just to see the therapist who made a real difference in my care and I found it in this place.

    Feraun Wells